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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Keyword Surprise - WTF Is Wrong With People ?

Something I never really put a lot of thought into when Kornbus and I decided on the name "DogSpunk" for this blog was what kind of people would mistakenly make their way to the site when searching with keywords.

I created a free account with a few weeks ago so I could keep track of some stuff, like traffic, popular pages and keyword searches used to reach our site.

I thought it'd be cool to see what users on the web search for to reach us, but I didn't think I'd find anything as ridiculously perverted (yet funny) as I did in our results:

Apparently, people are finding our site because they are searching for websites that may involve dogs fucking women.

Not only did we get visitors using the utterly fantastic "fuck her boy, good dog" search by two people, but also "woman fuck dog" and my very favorite, "dog whores."

I was a bit amused by the fact that our potential visitor base consists of perverts that are looking for women that fuck dogs, or vice versa.

I wonder if they're disappointed when they discover that upon reaching our blog, they aren't going to find the "Dog Spunk" they were actually seeking.

Kornbus added:

"This is fucking awesome news. Sick and degrading, but fucking awesome just the same. 'Fuck her boy, good dog' just made life all the more worth living."

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