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Saturday, April 22, 2006

GREAT MOMENTS IN FILM: Anne Sellors - Woman Who Urinates Herself

Once again, spending time on the VWVortex forums has proved worthwhile and helped me produce more content for DogSpunk.

I stumbled acrosss a deviously titled thread called "Fantastic Hollywood resume..," expecting to read a discussion about the resumes of such great actors as Sir Ian McKellen or Christopher Lee, both of whom have exceptionally prolific film experience.

I should have known better.

Instead, I learned about the fantastic actress Anne Sellors, famous for her crucial role of "Woman Who Urinates Herself" in the 1984 blockbuster hit "Threads."

Here is the clip in which Sellors demonstrates her incredible acting abilities:

Arsigi, the author of the thread, summed up the woman's probable misery best, saying "She'd probably not have an IMDB listing at !" and later adding "How embarassing for the poor woman. You know her kids/friends/neighbors have to be onto that by now!"

Most people in the world wish to be famous. However, Anne Sellors is probably a woman that wishes she never would have achieved fame at all !

Many thanks to Dave Barry and his reader, Jimmy Madigan for discovering and posting this awesome find !

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