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Saturday, April 15, 2006

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Keyword Surprise Part II

Thanks to Kornbus, DogSpunk is back in action this month after a long break. Be sure to check out his Urban Legends post for some great laughs.

I learned what happens when you have a name like DogSpunk for your blog and you stop writing content for a period of time: You get more perverts somehow finding their way to your blog.

Case in point:

The "where to put spunk" and "spunk sandwich" searches are my favorite this time around.

The last time I looked at search keywords used to reach our blog through StatCounter, we had relatively normal entries that matched the content of our posts. This time around though, there is a whole lot more crazy and perverted shit that I totally never expected to appear.

It's searches like "dog fucking porn," "dogs fucking," "dog fuck," and "dog porn" that don't bother me all that much. Who knows ? Perhaps someone is looking for some material to encourage two dogs that won't breed. I know some zoos do that for Panda Bears, at least.

The ones that I've found particularly disturbing this time are those like "how to fuck your dog, "boy fuck dog," "fuck the dog," "how to fuck a dog," and "I fuck my dog."

Honestly, I can't even begin to think about what may drive someone to ever want to fuck their own dog, much less seek proper ways to do it online. But, in a world where people fuck cows, chickens and sheep, I guess I shouldn't be entirely suprised.

Finally, I think the searches that disturbed me most were "where to put spunk," and "spunk sandwich." Something leads me to believe that it was the same person who entered both searches. I wonder if he found the answer to his question, saying:

"Where to put my spunk ? Hmmm...I know ! I'll make a spunk sandwich !"

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