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Monday, April 24, 2006

HEADLINES: All up in ya grill wit da news

This was a funny little story I saw on Yahoo News, courtesy of the AP, about current President George Bush visiting former President Gerald Ford at his home in Rancho Mirage, California.

Bush Visits Ailing Former President Ford

Sun Apr 23, 9:49 PM ET

President Bush paid a visit Sunday to the ailing former President Ford at his home in this resort town where Bush was spending the weekend.

The nearly hourlong visit, conducted out of public view and kept under wraps until the last minute, could be the last time Bush would see the oldest living former commander in chief. Ford, 92, was hospitalized with pneumonia for 12 days in January and has not been seen much in public of late.

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We here at DogSpunk have uncovered a conversation that took place between Bush, an advisor along for the trip, and the former commander in chief. We produce it here, unedited, for your amusement:

BUSH: (to advisor) Gerald Ford is the guy who invented the automobile, right?

ADVISOR: No, sir. That is Henry Ford you are thinking of. And he didn’t
invent the automobile, he applied the use of the assembly line
to manufacture them.

BUSH: Well, what did this Ford invent?

ADVISOR: Nothing, sir. Mr. Ford is the former President of the United States.

BUSH: Oh, President? Like me! Yay!

(Gerald Ford approaches with his wife, Betty)

BUSH: Hey Jerry, nice to see you. Betty, you look wonderful.

(President Bush begins audibly sniffing the air)

BUSH: What’s that smell?

FORD: I just crapped myself.

BUSH: That’s okay. I do that all the time. Now let’s go inside and talk about those assemberly line thingies you invented.

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